A 2017 edition of the “Electronic Governance and Open Society: Challenges in Eurasia”— EGOSE2017 – organized by the St. Petersburg State University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (ITMO University) was held at its premises during 4-6 September 2017 back-to-back with the IFIP EGOV-EPART2017 Conference. Both conferences shared three joint plenary sessions and two discussion panels devoted to blockchain in e-government, open statistical data, policy modeling, social media for smart governance in cities, eparticipation research.

The EGOSE2017 Call for Papers invited papers reporting about completed and ongoing research in such fields as

  • Information Society and eGovernance
  • Open Government Prospects
  • Convergence in E-Governance Services
  • Citizen Centered E-Government
  • Participatory Governance
  • Open Government Data
  • eGovernance and Policy Modelling
  • eGovernance and Eurasian Integration
  • Social Media: Tools for analysis, participation, and impact
  • Building Smart City
  • Smart Citizens and Quality of Life
  • Disruptive E-Governance

As many as 132 authors from 17 countries – ranging from Australia and Austria to China and Germany, from India and Indonesia to Japan and Portugal, from Russia and Slovenia to Spain and Sweden – responded the All for Papers by submitting 58 research papers of which 30 were accepted after a double-blind peer review undertaken by 57 members of the conference Program Committee. The accepted papers were presented at the conference’s seven research sessions grouped around two main topics, namely:

  • Digital society and governance – 14 papers presented
  • Digital economy and technology – 16 papers presented

The Conference ended by a joint dinner and awards ceremony.

Accepted papers have been published in the ACM International Conference Proceedings Series